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It's simple really. I have an idea I believe can help us celebrate our differences, encourage and support one another's creativity, and build empathy and compassion. It's an idea that's rooted in story. And, because human beings are hardwired to love and seek out stories, I believe it will also be entertaining, and fun! 

Money is needed to make this idea a reality. Money to keep the lights on, pay for tech, web, bookkeeping, and marketing services that are not in my wheelhouse. Money to take this idea from a one-person show into a movement that others can help shape and grow.

I've thought a lot about what I could "sell" to make money. I even filled out applications for  grants that asked me to identify and list ways I could  beat my competition to market, and prove my product and/or services were "superior" to those of others.

I realized, however, that this way of seeing and being in the world is exactly the opposite of what I believe will heal our culture and planet. Instead of competing, judging, and comparing, we need to work together to accomplish goals that are good for everyone. This won't happen by me trying to come up with a new widget, miracle diet, or online class on using Instagram.

Don't get me wrong. I like and value money. It has its place, but I believe that people will want to invest in Braided Lives by buying or subscribing to things created by myself and other creative professionals - things like books, music, paintings, poetry, and live concerts.
 So with all of this in mind, I have created my first "product" with the help of a brilliant young artist named Brigit. It is a Braided Lives bracelet (click here to learn more about Brigit). This bracelet is available only through Braided Lives. The price? Just $10.00

Here's how to get your very own:


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