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Help build a music bridge to the people of Ukraine by contributing a song or performance.


Click HERE to hear the Songs

Click HERE for "Sing This" Daily Inspirations

How It  Works

We began with a song by Ukrainian composer, Anna Stoianova singing about Ukraine's commitment to independence.
Please respond, either to Anna's song or to one of the daily "Sing This" inspirations that feature some aspect of Ukrainian life that could use the healing power of song.  You can access the "Sing This" posts


 Three Steps:

1. Record yourself singing, playing, humming, strumming, drumming or whistling a tune. 

2. Record as an MP3 file.

3. Submit your name, the name of the song, and a short bio with links to your work to:


We will post updates and links to:

Facebook: "Songs for Ukraine" group


The Pass Along Songs blog

Twitter: @JenaiaMorane


You will receive three "Songs for Ukraine Chain" badges as our way of saying, "thank you." Please like and share to spread the word and some musical joy in the world! 

NOTE: Please be patient. This will be asynchronous, so the music will be posted as soon as we can.

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