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Songs 4 Ukraine
Supporting the people of Ukraine through music

The “Songs 4 Ukraine” initiative was born of shock, heartache, and frustration. I was appalled by what was happening in Ukraine but wondered how I could help. I’m not wealthy, I have no political connections, and I’m too old to put my boots on the ground.

“Songs for Ukraine” is my answer to that question. It is based on the belief that what is best about humanity - our empathy, compassion, and creativity - is exemplified in song. One human voice raised in song - no matter the language, culture, race, or religion - can move us to tears - remind us that what we share far outweighs our differences.


The challenge for me then was how best to reach past all the pain to build a “Music Bridge” that would use songs to accomplish four goals:

  • Create awareness, empathy, and the desire to help by sharing the stories and music of Ukrainian musicians. I want my readers and listeners to get to know the Ukrainians I am interviewing - to see, understand, and care about them not as strangers, but as co-travelers.

  • Encourage musicians from around the world to lend their voices to a collective song raised in opposition to war, and in support of the belief that each of us has the right to lead a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life.

  • Develop and offer immersive, interactive musical experiences that educate, tell a story, and make a variety of music-based resources available.

  • Develop a musical community in both physical and virtual realities where musicians can gather to create, share, learn from one another and perform.

Watch the video produced about how Songs 4 Ukraine is being built in virtual reality:

Song Flight

Learn about and get involved in Song Flight, an interactive story-driven project for kids, parents, and teachers designed to teach social-emotional as well as literacy skills:

We are raising funds to bring "Songs for Ukraine" and Song Flight to a global audience. Can you help?


To learn more about how Song Flight will evolve and contribute go to:
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Thoughts and suggestions? Email:

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