We will be building the Songs 4 Ukraine Music Bridge in virtual reality so that people from around the world can safely access and enjoy live music concerts and music collaboration.

Song Flight

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Seven Goals 

Learn from one another

•Make emotional as well as intellectual connections

•Travel safely back and forth between different, sometimes emotionally-charged points of view

•Provide a place where people can enjoy, share, and create music together

•Remember that the things we have in common far outweigh our differences

•Recall each person who visits the Music Bridge to their best self

•Provide practical tools and information about how to support Ukraine


To accomplish these goals, I'll be writing a Song Flight story with the help of as many kids as I can get to help me. 

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The kids and I will be talking about real-world events with the goal of using stories, music, and creative activities to make sense of those events. Kids will learn that bridges can and should be built, and that they can have a hand in building them

Want to Help?

The Song Flight initiative will be launching on Patreon soon (the second week of June), but funds are still needed to get the initial story written and the framework in place.  Donations can be made here: https://gofund.me/26920e97

Be sure to sign up for the FREE Song Flight newsletter to be notified when you can sign up and start reading and contributing to the story: https://songflight.substack.com/p/song-flight?sd=pf

Thoughts, Suggestions, Questions?

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