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We will be building the Songs 4 Ukraine Music Bridge in virtual reality so that people from around the world can safely access and enjoy live music concerts and music collaboration.

Song Flight is creating chains of musical stories that carry hope and support for and to the children of Ukraine. Think of the stories as multi-colored beads on a necklace. Each bead contains stories (music, text, and art) created by children living in a particular part of the world. Those stories are then carried by the Song Flight birds to the next group of children who create their own stories.

The initial plan is to have two, small Song Flight pilots - one from the USA to Ukraine and one from Ukraine to the USA. We plan to keep them small so we can work out logistics and any challenges that come up. By the end of the pilots, our goal is to have a workable template that can be scaled from a few dozen participants to thousands.

The Phases
This is a big project which will involve many moving parts. A team will be needed to produce, save, and share the assets and to document each step in the process so we can replicate it at a larger scale going forward. We will also need translators, musicians, an international IP lawyer, and communication professionals. For a comprehensive breakdown of Song Flight and the resources that will be needed visit:

Phase I - Build a Team
We are currently in Phase I of the Song Flight project - raising money to be able to execute the pilots. 

Phase II - Proof of Concept
Once we have our team in place, we will run two, six-week pilots to test the concept, work out any bugs, and create the templates and branded IP for the larger, global launch. 

Phase III - Launch Globally 
Launch a series of Song Flights globally that not only build the Song Flight community but generate income for everyone involved as well.


Want to Help?

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