We will be building the Songs 4 Ukraine Music Bridge in virtual reality so that people from around the world can safely access and enjoy live music concerts and music collaboration.

Song Flight

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Song Flight revolves around the magic-filled story of a group of friends who decide to create and send a chain of songs to kids in Ukraine. Each member of the group creates a song that is carried to the next person in the chain by a very special bird.  As you can probably tell from the description, the story involves a great deal of imagination and collaboration as the kids and birds meet to discuss, create, and share their songs, plot the course their music chain will take around the globe, and tackle the many challenges they encounter along the way.  


Read on to learn more about the goals of Song Flight and how you can get involved. 


Seven Goals 

  • Get to know and learn about a variety of people and cultures

  • Discuss and learn to handle emotions associated with conflict through story and musicDisucc 

  • Learn empathy, kindness, and to appreciate differences

  • Explore and develop each child's unique abilities

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Take part in and learn practical tools for creative collaboration

  • Be part of creating a project that can have a positive impact on others.


To accomplish these goals, I'll be writing a Song Flight storybook with the help of as many kids as I can get to help me. 

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The kids and I will be talking about real-world events with the goal of using stories, music, and creative activities to make sense of those events. Kids will learn that bridges can and should be built, and that they can have a hand in building them.

Want to Help?

Be sure to sign up for the FREE Song Flight newsletter to be notified when you can sign up and start reading and contributing to the story: https://songflight.substack.com/p/song-flight?sd=pf

We are also raising funds to cover the cost of development. If you are able, you can contribute here: https://gofund.me/26920e97


Dates and Details

Song flight is scheduled to launch the first week of September. 


Please sign up for the FREE Substack newsletter where we will be posting updates on the start date and how to enroll: https://songflight.substack.com/p/song-flight?sd=pf

Thoughts, Suggestions, Questions?

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