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Anna Stoianova: Chervona Kalyna
A song that captures the Ukrainian people's aspiration for independence.

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Hodge Pop: Marc DeSandre, Billy Gewin, and Grace Newton 

Gone Gone Gone by The Everly Brothers (As done by Robert Plant & Allison Krauss)

One Minute:

Full Version:

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Ripple by the Grateful Dead as sung by Royce Anderson for his family in Ukraine.

Ripple (one minute):

Full Version:

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One Day sung by Dennis Mac Namura (aka Denny Mac)

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This duet entitled, If I Know, is for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and piano. It was arranged by Boris Lyatoshynsky, a famous classical Ukrainian composer.

Soprano - Olena Gritsyuk
Mezzo soprano - Anna Kondratieva
Piano - Inna Lukyanets

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 Chain of Hope by Linda Sussman

Linda Sussman is a New York-based, award-winning singer-songwriter whose music crosses alt-folk and blues and whose songs span themes such as love, heartache, triumphs, and social justice. Her strong vocals (a bit reminiscent of Joan Baez) are backed by her rhythm and fingerstyle guitar, with a touch of slide. Linda's These Walls album (released in 2021) reached #1 on the Roots Music Report's weekly chart shortly after its release and is ranked #5 on the RMR's Best in 2021 Alternative-Folk Albums Chart. Linda kicks off her upcoming album, titled Shake It Loose Today (for release mid-2022), with "Chain of Hope," a song dedicated to refugees and those working to provide relief. Her music is played on radio programs both in the US and abroad and is discoverable on all streaming servers.





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Song for Ukraine by Elizabeth Leonard

I'm a child of the 1960s and the Civil Rights movement, and a lifelong guitar player and singer-songwriter. I am also a retired professional historian who taught for almost thirty years at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. I continue to write and sing songs that focus on our shared quest for social, economic, and gender justice, antiracism, democracy, and the end of war everywhere.


I support and am inspired by the Ukrainian people's courageous struggle for freedom and democracy against the monster authoritarian kleptocrat, Putin. I am happy to share this song out of respect and appreciation for the fight they are waging for their own future, and the future of all people who seek a peaceful, just, and democratic world. Interested folks can find me on FB and on Twitter ranting and raving on a regular basis (and posting my song videos).

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Oh Boisterous Wind Most Turbulent by Andrey Sarabanda

This beautiful original song was based on one of Ukraine's first poets to capture a unique Ukrainian voice. 

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Hello sung by Tay

Tay is a Second Life musician who hails from Slovenia (a small, mostly mountainous, and heavily forested country in central Europe). “My love and passion for music were given to me in the cradle. I think I sang before I talked. My earliest memories are of singing all day, every day, everywhere I went.”


You Stay by Tomaz Goršič and Lorraine Nowinski

Tomaz is a composer, producer, and photographer. Check out his new album, "Diversity" on Apple Music 


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Blue & Yellow Above Their Heads by John Vaughn

John is a songwriter based in Kendal, Cumbria. Although he has written full songs in the past, he considers himself primarily a lyric writer. 

He'd like to thank Vic Arnold, who is the musician and arranger of the song, and Megan for her outstanding vocals that helped get the song off the ground. 

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Echoes of War by Jospeh Harmon

Joe Harmon, alias Indago Child, has a close relationship to Hip Hop. Since 2010 he has made a name for himself as an “Old School” specialist. Indago Child can be found:

Soundcloud: (see Sound Cloud for additional links)


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