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Part I: On the Road Again

The Music Road Trip bus is on the road again! Our windows are down and the radio cranked as we navigate the highways and byways of Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas on our way to a rendezvous with a singer/songwriter known as Aubryn in Memphis, Tennessee.

Known for her quirky sense of humor and willingness to tackle almost any music challenge as long as it piques her interest and makes her laugh, Aubryn freely admits to having a “thing,” for the unexpected. “I love to find chord progressions that are a little unexpected and to hide surprises in lyrics,” she explains.

To give you a taste of both her vocal and writing range, we asked Aubryn to share three songs that showcase her work. The first, “Nothing Civil (Bout a Civil War),” was inspired by true events in her life. “I had family and friends who were victims of domestic abuse,” she says. “I needed a way to deal with the feelings and call attention to be problem. Let’s have a listen:

Stay Tuned

In Part II we will listen to a second song that showcases another side of Aubryn’s eclectic approach to music. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about her, visit:

Mark Your Calendars! Aubryn will be performing on The Music Road Trip Twitch channel at noon PST on June 8th. For more information on the show (and cool giveaways) as well as instructions on how to sign up for Twitch (it's FREE), visit:

Questions? Contact Jena Ball at

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