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On the Road Again - Part III

Today is the day I remind you to mark your calendars and be sure you have a Twitch account so you take part in the chat and giveaways during the concert tomorrow. For more details about all that go to:

But today is also my last chance to share some final bits of information about Aubryn and her approach to songwriting. Here are some little known facts from our recent interview that you should definitely ask her about during our Q&A session tomorrow:

  • Aubryn has been singing since before she could talk. Ask her how she knows ;-)

  • Aubryn started practicing Kung Fu at the age of six.

  • Aubryn wrote her first song when she was 12.

  • On her 15th birthday she received her first guitar and immediately started writing her own songs

  • Aubryn has theatrical as well as music chops. Ask her how she got them.

  • Aubryn once belonged to and recorded with a band called “Black Rose Betties.”

  • Aubryn considers herself a storyteller. When it comes to songwriting, she is interested in telling real stories about how healing can take place.

  • Aubryn likes to build tension in her songs that leaves people wanting more. She loves diving into narratives to discover back stories.

Finally, I will leave you with a song that is quintessential Aburyn. It’s called “Ransom Note.” See if you can figure out what's going on. Let’s have a listen:

Questions? Email me at

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