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On the Road Again - Part II

One of the things you will enjoy most about the opportunity to meet and listen to Aubryn on June 8th is her fascination with and willingness to talk about the process of creating music. A good example of this is her song, “Medusa.” Crafted immediately following a break up with her boyfriend of five years, the song turns the myth of Medusa on its head.

Medusa, as you may recall, was one of three monsters from Greek mythology. Though shaped like a woman, she had live, venomous snakes sprouting from her head instead of hair, and anyone who looked into her eyes was turned to stone. “I enjoy using fiction to illustrate life lessons,” Aubryn says. “So with Medusa I was looking for a way to bring light into darkness. It’s a love song to anyone who feels rejected or lonely. I am saying you are stronger than you think and I’m here for you. You’re not alone.”

Let’s have a listen:

The chorus is especially compelling as Aubryn tries to help the listener see the myth differently.

"How do I make it known, that I won't turn to stone?

If I could hold her and say, 'Everyone feels this way'

Maybe she could stop feeling alone

and believe that I won't turn to stone." – Aubryn, Medusa

Aubryn will be fielding questions for 30 minutes following her concert, so I hope you will have some ready for her. I am looking forward to asking Aubryn some questions about this song as well as the other originals she’ll be playing.

For more information about Aubryn and the show, visit:

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