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Lucy Sochay

About Lucy

I'm a I am a freelance writer. I have been a 3x Top Writer on Medium in Poetry, Writing, and Love. I used to consider myself a pacifist, but I'm more a "pissedoffisist". I reconsidered my stance on the war on Ukraine. My mother was Ukrainian/Polish. She told me stories of land being taken away and made part of Russia. She told me that during WWII the Nazis would take Ukrainian pregnant women and drive stakes through their vaginas to the top and place them along the streets as you may have seen parking meters in days of old in the USA. It was disgusting and horrific. We need peace, love, and the arts to help gather awareness and to lead the way toward peace.


Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

The Stand In 2022


Once we will all return to the earth

With all the shit and dirt

Yes, I said it

Though I don’t want the credit

Some think of the earth as a shit hole in the ground

Others think it’s a gift from God and quite profound

In another minute, changes may come to mind

What hell is going on in Ukraine and why is everybody there dying?

Most are crying, I am too

I just don’t know what little me/big me can do

Chef Andre is doing the most

He’s feeding not only the poor, but those that escaped being ghosts

Why the United Nations and the United States come to the aid for Ukraine

What’s taking so goddam long for goodness sake?

Doesn’t it shake your very foundation to its core?

Does it rip your heart out and toss your soul more than ever before?

It should!

Heard Putin’s got Thyroid cancer

That’s not the answer

Though no one is sad

Many would like to see him drop dead

So deserving to drop off the face of the earth

We’re not to judge, but look what’s left

All the calamity, all the harm, and destruction

It’s a wonder anyone in Ukraine can function

I lay them a victory and stand with them hand in hand

This should be everyone’s demand

Stop it, Putin! You, you very bad man!

Your plans are lousy and evil full

You’ll die on the sword for real with all your guts pulled.

Now, for some words to hear in a great and dear song. If you’ve never heard them before, you’re in for something profound. This new artist to me, so dear and so wise. She rises from Nigeria. She’s unafraid and won’t hide…


Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

The Traveling Crematorium


You know what?

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you Putin!

You are worse than the enemy Rasputin

You belong in a cage like some rabid dog

I wish that you were eaten by wild, savage hogs

You are being called!

Don’t you know, don’t you know?

The traveling crematorium is coming for you soon

May you die the fate of Pilate with worms eating you through and through

Don’t know what to do, what to do, what to do?

To stop the devil YOU

You, You, Putin You got me puking my guts out

Every time I see your face I want to smash it, pulverize it with some sort of gadget

You insane fuck, you insane husk of a man

You have nothing good to give

You shouldn’t be allowed to live

You racist, fascist pig

Your brain is as worthless as a dried-out tree of non-bearing fruit fig

You belong in the fire of a slow burn

You murderous num-chuk of the dirtiest, worst sins

What the hell made you this way?

Shooting all those rats from your low-rent apartment days?

If it’s Ukraine’s land you are after, you can’t have it!

Not now, not ever, though you will inhabit its dirt hole to stuff your body cold

You who ran the Pussy Band into hiding because you were too embarrassed

You are a billion times worse in your daily habits

Stop threatening Sweden and Finland they’ve had their fill of you and your rants

I hope you pee your pants and lose your nuts

Because enough is enough

Stop the killing now!

Stop the War!

You are as bad as Judas and probably his whore

I’m sick of seeing you alive

I want to see you die

I know it’s not like me to speak this way

My soul and countless Archangels will stop you one day

What calamity and insanity you brought upon this earth

It would have been better if you were never birthed

Your daughters will cry for you and that’s really sad

But, you deserve the worst fate because you’re really, really bad!

Copyright by Lucy Socha 4/2022

Peace Plan1.jpg

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash

Peace Plan


A mother saddened and grieving for the son she lost
His leaving this earth so early was disbelieving and distraught
For she bore the son with love and grace
Did everything for him to feel the love and see it upon her face.

War is such a waste
Unnecessary to mankind, yet, leaders uncouth push their ways
To hate, to despair, to allegiance undeserved
Leaders that lie, cheat, lead insurrections by their words
Polished nails but a muddled heart undeterred.

Befuddled, squandered, and bully’s lot
No grace or honor to be bestowed upon
Whistleblowers, freedom fighters and change
Governments under siege remain.

Does the world look away toward other things
Then acknowledge and get involved in the coward’s controlling schemes?
For if it’s for money, for power, or for gratuitous sex
Their selfish desires and endless void of their needs unmet.

Others feel the pain and see nothing gained by war
They have no need to settle the score
Best if nations gathered together and stopped those at fault
Wouldn’t it be the better solution sought?

Centuries pass, yet, peace doesn’t last
The poppies grow rich in the fields of blood baths
Whatever happened to “Cast not the first stone?”
We should all go safely home and atone.

Grasp the hand of a child and promise them a future better than ours
Trust the common good and treat others better than you should
Gaze on the stars and admire their bright vastness
Seek another day of peace and gladness.

Copyright Lucy Socha 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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