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Celebrate Out Loud

Even if it's in the

privacy of some secret place

where no one will hear you but yourself,

allow yourself to celebrate to the fullest

of your spirit's



It takes moments:

Deep breath, big smile,

look up to the heavens

to feel that uplift, and

let yourself feel.


You've wept in your

innermost chambers,

and you've snapped in

the midst of your loved

ones, and you've raged

in the compartmented

places of your heart.


Celebrate with more

vigor, with more

conviction,  and with

more abandon than

any of these. Fling

wide the doors and

windows of the houseof your soul.


This is medicine, my

love. This is medicine.

 It is easy to swallow, it

is easy to breathe. It is

easy to fill your very

veins with it.


It is your breath.

Celebrate out loud.

Written March 30, 2021

by TheResidentPoet 10:30 PM - 10:44 PM PST

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