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Creative Professionals, Educators, Parents, and Community Members

Working together to raise creative, kind, and collaborative adults










The CritterKin Coalition is a community composed of creative professionals, educators, parents, and community members, businesses, and organizations that understand education is a lived experience extending far beyond the classroom. Our mission is to make emotional intelligence (EQ) a priority and help each child discover, develop, and share their unique interests and abilities.


Of all the things we've learned from working on Critterkin these past 10 years, it's that it takes a global community to raise our kids. That community needs to be composed of:

Creative professionals: Authors, illustrators, actors, craftspeople, dancers, musicians, etc. - who are willing and able to create materials that teach 21st century life skills and  be role models for our kids. Those skills include self-awareness, emotional intelligence (EQ), critical thinking, the ability to communicate and collaborate across media, an appreciation and respect for differences, and practical, hands on skills such as the ability to apply reading, writing, and math to daily tasks.


Educators: Teachers, schools, and policy makers who are committed to reworking the outmoded, industrialized education model that teaches students to be:

  • Passive learners

  • Siloed thinkers

  • Fearful of failure

  • Competitive 

  • Critical of themselves and others, and to believe that how they perform on tests matters more than who they are.

These educators must be willing to move beyond skill, drill, and standardized testing to encourage students to:

  • Discover and develop their unique interests and abilities

  • Appreciate and respect differences

  • Understand the concept of trial-and-error learning and be unafraid to fail

  • Develop their EQ as well as their IQ

  • Embrace creativity and outside the box thinking

  • Apply what they learn in their classrooms to the real world

  • Value and enjoy collaboration


Parents: Mothers, fathers and extended family members who understand that anything learned in the classroom must be practiced and integrated into daily life.

Community: Individuals, organizations, and businesses willing to help children practice what they have learned in school and teach them practical life skills.


The CritterKin Coalation strives to be a resource not only for kids, but for one another as well. 

If you would like to join us, please click on the sign-up button below. Patience please. We are just getting started. 

To offer your thoughts and suggestions, please email Jena:

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