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Creating Kindness One Story at a Time

CritterKin is a children's media property that uses stories and project-based learning programs to teach kids social-emotional and core communication skills. Our mission is to help each child discover, develop, and share their unique interests and abilities. Watch the video below to get an overview of CrittterKin:















The SIX Parts


  • Books: CritterKin means "animal family," and the CritterKin books features the stories of 8 mixed-breed dogs and the people who love them.  Each book focuses on a topic that is important to kids (overcoming a physical challenge, being different, bullying, perfectionism, etc.) and gives them a chance to learn about, discuss, and express their feelings through a variety of creative activities.

  • One-time Visits/Events: Ms. Jenaia (played by author Jena Ball) is the main human character in all CritterKin books. Dressed as Ms. Jenaia, Jena visits classrooms and schools to do readings and creative activities. Please note that due to COVID all visits are virtual.\

  • Ongoing Projects: Using the CritterKin stories as a foundation, these multi-week programs take the lessons learned from the books and apply them to real world situations. We call this "project based learning," and there is no better way for children to learn to apply what they've learned in their classrooms.

  • Online Classes: Self-paced classes designed to let individual students or classes to engage with the CritterKin stories and creative activities.

  • Teacher and Parent Workshops:  Hands on workshops designed to introduce teachers and parents to both the science behind the importance of EQ and practical tools for helping their children learn and practice SE skills.

  • Keynotes: Talks and presentations given at in-person and online conferences about the importance of social-emotional learning and the neuroscience behind it. Jena Ball has presented at The Adobe Learning Summit, The International Association of Blended Learning, The Lucy Daniels yearly conference on creative approaches to learning, ISTE, and RSCON as well as numerous live virtual appearances at global learning summits.



















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If you would like to learn more about CritterKin, please send an email to

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