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Meet Brigit
Bracelet designer extraordinaire

About Brigit1.png

After seeing the quality of Brigit's work, we invited her to take a look at the Braided Lives website and submit a design for a bracelet that reflected her understanding of what the project is all about. Here is what she said:


"Hi! My name is Brigit O'Rourke from Brigit's Bracelets and I'm super excited to be collaborating with Braided Lives on this project! The exclusive bracelet I created represents our individual stories coming together to become one, bringing unique and colorful aspects of our own lives to a shared narrative. This idea is shown by the fuchsia, violet, and gold strands flowing into the deep purple river through the center of this original woven bracelet.


When creating this design, I pictured the bracelet bringing people together from all different walks of life. Regardless of location, race, gender, or political views, this bracelet is a symbol of the love shared among human beings as our stories intertwine to become one."

Needless to say we think she nailed it!  Thank you Brigit for bringing your talent and voice to Braided Lives! To learn more about Brigit and her work visit:

BL Bracelet - CardV2-Adjusted.png

By purchasing a custom Braided Lives bracelet, you are not only supporting Braided Lives, but our collaboration with the very talented creator of the bracelets, Brigit O'Rourke. 

The image below is the PayPal form that will appear when you click

Simply click "Send" and enter the amount you'd like to send. For example, $10 = one bracelet, $20 = two etc. Be SURE to enter you name, physical address, and phone so we know where to mail you bracelet and how to get hold of you if something goes wrong.


A note about the name. On the PayPal payment page (pictured below) you will see the name "Joanne." Do not be alarmed. That's my legal, given name. However, if you ever call me Joanne outside the context of a legal or financial exchange, I may be never speak to you again - LOL.

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