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About Braided Stories

"It's all those stories and how they braid together that tell us who and what and where we are." - Charles de Lint

Simply put, a braided story is one that uses different strands – usually three separate storylines or perspectives - that are interconnected/braided together by a common theme. These storylines can be told from more than one character's point of view, as is often the case in films (think "Gone with the Wind") or related by one narrator sharing different perspectives. It can be fascinating to put yourself in another's shoes to see a situation from their point of view. It is also a great way to generate understanding and compassion.


About the Project 

Using the four threads of the Braided Lives bracelets, we are challenging you to create a story with three threads - represented by the purple, violet, and fuchsia threads in the bracelet - tied together by a central theme or lesson - represented by the gold thread in the bracelet.

To help you craft your story, we have created 

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