"Like water, be gentle and strong.  Gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world"  — Brenda Peterson


    Braided Lives is a multi-platform initiative designed to bring people from all walks of life together to tell their stories and collaborate on the creation of a more equitable and sustainable future. The concept was born in response to the isolation, stress, anger, and frustration that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing racial tensions. 

    It was clear to us that people are hungry for connection. They need places to meet to comfort, console, and encourage one another. They need tools that allow them to communicate and share ideas effectively. Places and tools that make it possible to  braid the individual threads of their lives into powerful communities of change.  Braided Lives is bringing people together in three ways:




    The logo above is meant to capture the heart of the Braided Lives  vision. The hand at the center is making the ASL sign  for love. Around the wrist is a colorful friendship bracelet, symbolizing the diversity and strength of the members of our community. 

    BL Bracelet - CardV2-Adjusted.png
    Untitled design - 2022-04-18T214324.430.png

    By purchasing a custom Braided Lives bracelet, you are not only supporting Braided Lives, but our collaboration with the very talented creator of the bracelet, Brigit. You can read more about Brigit and her vision for the design she made by clicking HERE.

    A note about the name. On the PayPal payment page you will see the name "Joanne." Do not be alarmed. That's my legal, given name. However, if you ever call me Joanne outside the context of a legal or financial exchange, I may be never speak to you again - LOL.